& Logistics

In the transportation and logistics industry, time, accuracy and end-to-end traceability are the pillars that differentiate one company from another. Inaccuracies stall installation, raise cost, alienate partners and disappoint customers. Add to that, the ability to leverage Blockchain technology to secure contracts, promote transparency and accountability across every point in the supply chain.

    Warehouse Management
    Higher labor efficiency during picking, packing and loading (productivity optimization)
    Shipping & Receiving
    Automatic capture and completion of truck loading with increased shipment accuracy
    Global Supply Chain Visibility
    Acceliot’s team, in collaboration with BP, delivered the largest global track and trace of components for a $7B oil platform to the benefit of:
      Global visibility on demand
      Predictable construction schedule
      Synchronized delivery of sub-assemblies
      Penalties avoided
      Construction costs reduced

    For BP, Acceliot’s product solution provided real-time visibility of oil platform components moving from suppliers located around the globe to the platform’s Clair Ridge construction site in the North Sea. BP used this solution to monitor and manage the supply chain including tracking crates, Heavy Lift and Out Of Gauge equipment, containers and vessels to improve the efficiency and safety during the construction. The unique technology solution combined GPS tracking with RFID to provide this visibility that resulted in cost savings as well as risk mitigation for the Oil and Gas industry giant.