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for the Automotive Industry

Transformative solutions for warehouses, assembly lines and open lots

Smart Automotive Applications


Indoor, Outdoor and In-Transit

Acceliot’s integrated IoT/RFID platform enables real-time, accurate data of all assets in loading dock, manufacturing, logistics and shipping environments. By aligning the physical data with ERP/WMS systems, teams can add value to their automation strategies, embrace Industry 4.0 objectives and enable (more) intelligent business decisions.

Building ROI through enhanced workforce automation and via the intelligent tracking of components, assemblies, tools and finished vehicles is achieveable and within reach with an Acceliot-powered solution.


Automotive RTLS

  • A major US automotive manufacturer tracks 30,000 vehicles in open yards using the STARflex system to reduce the time to locate vehicles from days to minutes. By reducing the intensive labor effort, the need for a contingent workforce was eliminated. Our customer also optimized the utilization of its repair and final inspection workstation.
  • A European automotive manufacturer wanted to minimize manual processes, enable faster registration, optimize tracking and tracing of assets and reduce errors. Significant results were achieved through our RTLS coverage of their 200,000-square-foot facility and the full integration of smart gate technology.

Acceliot RFID Powers Advanced Data Services

Asset Tracking Innovation

New RFID data-driven models for real-time asset visibility programs

Perpetual Inventory

Tailored RFID solutions supporting real-time traceability across the entire supply chain

Intelligent Systems

Hardware and software solutions purpose-built for the era of AI-informed data

Let's Build Something Great

Send us your most complex asset tracking challenges.


Acceliot's Proven RFID Technology Stack

High-Performance RFID

Our STARflex RFID readers deliver unprecedented tag read characteristics and set the standard for passive RFID asset tracking.

RTLS Software

Our team delivers market-leading application development and support services built upon a 20-year history of excellence in the field.

Advanced Signal Processing

We deliver RTLS solutions with passive RFID economics; leveraging our leading-edge disruptive phased array antenna design.