Auto industry professionals know just how complex the logistics of operating an automotive factory can be. The typical facility involves workers carrying out many different and complicated tasks at the same time. Forklift drivers, for example, must constantly transport pallets, barrels, boxes and bins full of parts throughout a manufacturing plant while adhering to schedules and safety regulations.


  • Work-in-process
  • Parts tracking
  • Tool tracking
  • Yard management
  • Non-conforming material
  • traceability
  • Benefits of IOT in Automotive Industry

    • Cost savings: When tools, equipment or parts are not easily locatable, it leads to wasted man-hours, asset replacement costs and potential mistakes – all of which negatively affect an automotive operation’s bottom line. By preventing these situations with RFID, auto companies quickly see an ROI.

    • Theft prevention: No manager wants to think about it, but internal shrink is a real problem that affects businesses in many different industries.

    • Better adherence to safety regulations through scheduled maintenance: RFID can help managers keep track of different tools and machinery to ensure they are brought in for scheduled maintenance.