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A Market in Transition

Retailers are reevaluating their business strategies in response to the lasting changes in consumer behavior brought about by the pandemic. They are now tasked with devising forward-looking plans that address both the immediate and future needs of their customers and supply chains. This includes a transformative vision for their physical stores, which are increasingly serving dual roles as distribution centers and curbside pickup locations.

Amidst these swift adaptations, retailers are turning to data-driven decision-making, harnessing the power of smart sensors, and leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics. The demand for real-time inventory tracking and accurate, live data is propelled by the fast-evolving market dynamics, highlighting the critical need for agile and responsive retail operations.


Real World Value

  • Real-Time Inventory Management: Achieve instant visibility of goods throughout the supply chain, enabling the quick and precise location of products.

  • Minimized Stock Shortages: Significantly reduce instances of out-of-stock situations, ensuring customer satisfaction and sales continuity.

  • Integrated Data Analytics: Seamlessly amalgamate crucial data from procurement, marketing, storefront, and customer interactions, providing actionable insights to inform strategic decisions.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Revenue Growth: Streamline operations, reduce costs, and unlock new revenue opportunities through improved inventory management and customer experiences.

  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Visibility: Monitor the journey of products from production through transportation to DCs and storefronts, achieving end-to-end transparency and control.

  • Omnichannel Enablement: Empower a true omnichannel retail experience by ensuring product availability across all channels, enhancing customer engagement and sales opportunities through seamless integration between online and offline environments.


Acceliot RFID Powers Advanced Data Services

IoT Sensor Integration

Value-added solutions including temperature measurement, moisture detection and more

Perpetual Inventory

Tailored RFID solutions supporting real-time traceability across the entire supply chain

Intelligent Systems

Hardware and software solutions purpose-built for the AI-informed era of data management

Let's Build Something Great

Send us your most complex asset tracking challenges.


Acceliot's Proven RFID Technology Stack

High-Performance RFID

Our STARflex RFID readers deliver unprecedented tag read characteristics and set the standard for passive RFID asset tracking.

RTLS Software

Our team delivers market-leading application development and support services built upon a 20-year history of excellence in the field.

Advanced Signal Processing

We deliver RTLS solutions with passive RFID economics;  leveraging our leading-edge disruptive phased array antenna design.