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Developing Scalable Solutions to Address Tomorrow’s Hybrid Cloud and AI-centric Architectures.

A New Appoach
for DC Assets

From traditional frameworks to the latest AI-centric architectures, asset management requirements in today’s cloud data centers are always under review and increasing scrutiny. Many companies are choosing to deploy infrastructure into one or more colocation facilities and interconnect with other companies and service providers housed in the same facilities to meet their needs.

As a result of the growth of hyperscalers and colocation facilities it is now more critical than ever to improve utilization of capacity, reduce operating expenses, and increase staff productivity while maximizing equipment availability and uptime. Acceliot’s solution set for data centers can help to reach these objectives.


A Deeper View

The Acceliot team understands the competitive elements that influence decision-making in the modern data center. With the tens of thousands of servers hosted in large-scale facilities, assets are often on the move as technicians maintain, repair, upgrade, and service hardware. As hardware is shuffled around, misplacement inevitably occurs. The right RFID solution can provide instant visibility to the location of all assets as well as critical insights into functions such as temperature and humidity within cabinets.


Proven Insights

Presence, location, temperature and humidity data are reported to application software where inventory reports, and predictive (and prescriptive) analytics can be generated; offering clients actionable insights with smart alerts.

The Non line-of-sight (NLOS) capability of STARflex RFID system will register the location of servers inside cabinets even when the cabinet door is closed through our “last known location”algorithm so that no asset is ever missed.

Our STARflex system’s sensing infrastructure can monitor data center assets and provide real-time tracking and auditing of servers, equipment, and enclosures. It provides a high-resolution view of all assets throughout the data center. It can also provide historical data for any addition, changes, or movement of servers.


Acceliot RFID Powers Advanced Data Services

IoT Sensor Integration

Value-added solutions including temperature measurement, moisture detection and more

Real-time Visibility

Tailored RFID solutions supporting real-time trackability and traceability in the data center

Intelligent Systems

Hardware and software solutions purpose-built for the AI-informed era of data management

Let's Build Something Great

Send us your most complex asset tracking challenges.


Acceliot's Proven RFID Technology Stack

High-Performance RFID

Our STARflex RFID readers deliver unprecedented tag read characteristics and set the standard for passive RFID asset tracking.

RTLS Software

Our team delivers market-leading application development and support services built upon a 20-year history of excellence in the field.

Advanced Signal Processing

We deliver RTLS solutions with passive RFID economics; leveraging our leading-edge disruptive phased array antenna design.