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Acceliot develops item-level asset tracking, locating and management solutions featuring hardware and software platforms that optimize Internet of Things (IoT) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to enhance enterprise visibility.

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The STAR RFID Platform

20 years in the making and still the most dynamic RFID platform in the industry.

Professional Services

We are uniquely positioned to guide you on your RTLS asset visibility journey.


STARflex: The RTLS Legend

Next Generation Asset Tracking with Passive RFID

The STARflex RFID reader marries the unmatched performance and location capabilities of Acceliot’s STAR RFID system architecture with a highly flexible design optimized for cost-effective deployment in enclosed environments serving real-time inventory tracking in retail apparel and patient flow management in ambulatory healthcare.

The STARflex reader is ideally suited for use in indoor RFID tracking applications where reflections from metal shelves and fixtures obstructing the signal in line-of-sight (LOS) between the reader and tag can significantly reduce read rates. The STAR product line embeds key US patents and intellectual property developed over decades, encompassing iterative decoding to enable the detection of weak signals from tags, unleashing the ability to read tags from long distances in non-line-of-sight (NLOS). STARflex solutions take advantage of smart antenna techniques for location tracking and are optimized for synthesizing waveforms in high-density tag environments.

Thanks to an exclusive, patented, distributed architecture, STARflex is built on a unique RFID technology that assures reliable excitation and detection of all tags, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. The reader can detect tag signals up to one hundred times weaker than other RFID readers, delivering the highest read rate throughput and read reliability in the industry. 


Detects tag signals up to 100x weaker than traditional 4-port readers


An architecture featuring industrial-grade components for optimal MTTF


Dynamic RFID for an unlimited number of facilities and users

Supporting Hardware and Software

Acceliot’s STARflex RFID platform is enhanced by purpose-built hardware elements that enable our solutions to scale cost-effectively across the enterprise. Our RFID hardware is complemented by our software development expertise and system integration and deployment expertise.

STARflex Reader

The heart of scalable RFID asset tracking with unmatched performance characteristics and the latest IoT protocols.


The Innovative RF transmitter is designed to excite all types of EPC UHF Gen 2 RFID tags within its designated RFID coverage area.


A scalable companion unit that increases antenna densities by expanding the total number of usable antennas from 4 to 16 per STARflex unit.

Edge Platform

The Acceliot Edge Platform (AEP) enables provisioning and operating the STARflex system while incorporating 3rd party products.

STAR 3000 Reader

The original, game-changing STAR 3000 RFID reader was developed for scalable, cost-effective, wide-area tracking applications of assets and inventory.


Our GPIO solution supports the STARflex with up to eight I/O interfaces to devices such as sensors, actuators, switches, lamps, or other types of indicators.

Tags and Sensors

Acceliot partners with the industry's leading vendors to offer a complete spectrum of passive tags and IoT sensors to serve the most demanding asset tracking challenges.

Mobile Systems

Acceliot manages a line of business and industrial readers that extend the benefits of smart asset management and tracking throughout the extended enterprise.