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STARflex Reader

The STARflex RFID reader is the heart of our scalable, cost-effective, wide-area tracking solutions for assets and inventory utilizing the latest IoT protocols to simplify onboarding.

  • Standalone operation
  • Dual receivers with unprecedented sensitivity derived from its predecessor
  • Expandable from 4 to 16 directly connected antennas
  • Expandable to support up to 40 TurboAntennas 
  • Weatherproof ruggedized packaging for harsh operating environments
  • Onboard node.js application capable

High Performance

The Acceliot STARflex reader combines the unmatched performance and location capabilities of the STAR architecture with a highly flexible new interface design optimized for cost effective, easy-to-deploy solutions for enclosed environments such as real-time retail inventory tracking, ambulatory patient flow management and indoor asset tracking. STARflex outperforms in indoor applications where reflections from metal shelves and fixtures interfere with line-of-sight between the reader and the tag, reducing read rates. Thanks to the exclusive distributed excitation architecture, the STARflex reader can detect tag signals up to one hundred times weaker than traditional 4-port readers, making it easier to read tags after multiple reflections. This results in more tags captured in less time and higher overall system reliability.

Simplicity and Resilience

The STARflex software architecture is optimized for simplicity and resilience in order to enable fast deployment of robust, distributed systems. For tag data, STARflex features native support for the lightweight MQTT device protocol, which was developed expressly for the Internet of Things (IoT). To simplify and speed integration, STARflex features a RESTful interface for control and status. Users can implement business logic software directly on the reader using this RESTful interface, or by using the modern and ubiquitous node.js web framework, which enables use of over 200 thousand open source packages for easy integration with virtually any enterprise system.

The STARflex Platform

The Heart of our Award-Winning Product Portfolio

2023 Top Tech Award

Acceliot was honored with a Top Tech Startup Award for supply chain technology innovation

Most Promising IoT

CIO Review named Acceliot a Most Promising IoT Solution Provider for our RTLS technology

Asset Tracking Winner

Acceliot was honored by IoT Evolution for our RFID asset tracking technology

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