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Achieving end-to-end inventory visibility, Acceliot’s RFID technology empowers businesses to locate products swiftly and with unmatched accuracy. This advanced capability allows warehouse managers to strategically organize product placements, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the potential for errors to near zero. The system provides real-time visibility of goods, incorporating a high-speed tracking mechanism that ensures instant identification and management of inventory.

Furthermore, it enables real-time reconciliation of discrepancies between inventory data in ERP systems and the actual stock present in the warehouse, thereby obviating the need for infrequent physical counts in favor of continuous, real-time stock monitoring. This shift significantly reduces the turnaround time for the picking and packing processes, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.



IoT and RFID sensors are playing a pivotal role in the digital transformation of the supply chain, enhancing the efficiency of storing, moving, and fulfilling goods through warehouses and distribution centers. Despite these advancements, challenges such as damages, spoilage, and inaccuracies in shipping and receiving persist, primarily due to the limited ability to provide real-time information on the presence, location, and condition of goods within these facilities.

Acceliot’s clients have showcased the tangible business benefits and capabilities afforded by advanced automation using RFID + IoT sensors.  Among them are improved inventory accuracy, enhanced product condition monitoring, and more efficient use of space and resources, leading to a reduction in operational inefficiencies such as product damage and spoilage, and inaccuracies in order fulfillment. 

The Acceliot team is your trusted partner for strategy, development, deployment and maintenance. We’ll design a market-ready solution to support your ecosystems. Our STARflex platform can enable advanced data analytics and alerts for low stock, displaced products, temperature, humidity, and theft (and more).


Rapid ROI

Acceliot RFID can help deliver a wide spectrum of benefits to almost any warehouse management strategy.

Our hardware and software technology and deployment expertise can help your team provide comprehensive end-to-end inventory visibility, enable swift and precise product location, assist warehouse managers in strategic product placement planning, minimize recording errors to nearly zero, offer immediate and continuous visibility of goods and allow for real-time reconciliation between ERP inventory data and actual warehouse stock.

Our customers have also been able to shift from periodic physical counts to constant real-time stock monitoring, reduce the time required for the picking and packing processes, optimize the use of resources and equipment, streamline the restocking process (preventing stock-out situations), improve warehouse space utilization and ensure a more organized and efficient layout.


Acceliot RFID Powers Advanced Data Services

IoT Sensor Integration

Value-added solutions including temperature measurement, moisture detection and more

Asset Visibility

Tailored RFID solutions supporting real-time asset tracking throughout the facility

Intelligent Systems

Hardware and software solutions purpose-built for the AI-informed era of data management

Let's Build Something Great

Send us your most complex asset tracking challenges.


Acceliot's Proven RFID Technology Stack

High-Performance RFID

Our STARflex RFID readers deliver unprecedented tag read characteristics and set the standard for passive RFID asset tracking.

RTLS Software

Our team delivers market-leading application development and support services built upon a 20-year history of excellence in the field.

Advanced Signal Processing

We deliver RTLS solutions with passive RFID economics;  leveraging our leading-edge disruptive phased array antenna design.