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The Acceliot team is pleased to provide our customers and partners with a variety of product support services.

Our product support team is comprised of individuals that are highly experienced in RFID and sensor network deployments across a broad spectrum of applications and use cases.

Frequently Asked Questions


Acceliot was founded in 2019 after spinning out of Mojix, Inc.

Acceliot co-founders Shawn Manesh and Paul Barriga served Mojix in a variety of executive and technical leadership roles dating back to the mid-2000s and were instrumental in developing the markets for the STAR RFID hardware architecture that powers the Acceliot product portfolio today. We often say that we move at the speed of a startup, but with a product portfolio developed over two decades. We have the collective wisdom of an industry leader from having been at the forefront of the passive RFID asset tracking sector since its inception.

Acceliot Chief Software Architect Terrence Crown was a co-founder and executive leader at advanced IoT software vendor TierConnect, which was acquired by Mojix in 2015.  Acceliot Vice President of Advanced Logistics Michael Morey has served the asset tracking sector for nearly 25 years, beginning at global logistics innovator Air Canada Cargo.

Our executive team is among the most experienced in the industry. Learn more about the team here: Leadership Team

Yes. Our STARflex architecture is hardware-neutral and is designed for hybrid environments. We can accommodate a variety of passive tags, active RFID tags, IoT sensors, GPS hardware , BLE, LoRaWAN and RFID readers from other leading vendors. We can provide expert software integration to get your project up and running. Please send us your requirements and request a meeting with the Acceliot team.

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend pilots for most new applications of RFID technology. We’re also eager to work with like-minded innovators from the university and research communities. Contact us for an introduction to our services.

Yes. We are a global leader in RFID, asset tracking and real-time location systems. Our team has been instrumental in deploying some of the most dynamic asset-tracking projects ever conceived. We also have a growing network of partners who support our efforts. Reach out and let us know about your project.

Simply reach out to our support team by using the contact form and we will respond with instructions to access these materials.

STARflex RFID Platform

While suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor scenarios, STARflex is optimized for cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions for enclosed environments such as real-time inventory and material management, patient flow management and asset tracking in retail, healthcare and industrial scenarios. Very high receiver sensitivity enables the STARflex to perform well in indoor applications where reflections from metal shelves, equipment and fixtures interfere with line-of-sight between the reader and the tag reducing read rates for other readers.

The Acceliot team has developed application-specific outdoor use cases with our partners and customers in expansive auto lots, yard management and a wide variety of mobile and vehicle-mounted scenarios. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Acceliot offers a variety of specialized power supplies for outdoor installations. We also have a network of partners who can design ruggedized, weatherproof enclosures for the harshest environments.

Contact us for expert guidance on indoor and outdoor RFID solution development.

The STARflex software architecture is optimized for simplicity and resilience in order to enable fast deployment of robust distributed systems. For tag data, STARflex features native support for the lightweight MQTT device protocol. To simplify and speed integration, STARflex provides a RESTful API for control and status. Users can implement business logic software directly on the reader using this RESTful interface, or by using the modern and ubiquitous node.js web framework. Contact us to learn more.

1) Connect the STARflex to the corresponding network.

2) Power the STARflex on.

3) In case no DHCP service is available, a temporary fixed IP address is assigned. Review the sticker label printed on the STARflex unit. The IP address printed on the label will look like this: 169.254.y.z where y and z will vary from unit to unit.

4) Launch your browser. The following browsers are currently supported for SF web interface: The Latest version of Google Chrome, and the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

5) Access the STARflex’s Web interface, specifying either the temporary IP address or the DHCP assigned address.





6) The landing page of your STARflex reader is then displayed.


Step 1) Click on the Login button.

Step 2) Enter valid credentials to login to the application (user name and password)

Step 3) Click Login

A menu with three options is then displayed at the top of the page.

Option 1) RFID Settings: To specify your eNode, expander, antenna configurations as well as the physical layer.

Option 2) Tag Viewer: To run RFID programs and monitor tag readings.

Option 3) Network Settings: To configure network.

For further instructions or to request a STARflex Quick Start Guide, please contact us using the web form.

Professional Services

Yes. Acceliot can offer a full spectrum of consulting and support services, from project definition to application development to onsite technical services and maintenance. Please send us a request for a meeting to discuss the scope of your project. 

Yes. The STAR 3000 reader was a revolutionary product that defined aerial indoor architectures for wide-area RFID and set the standard (and performance benchmarks) for the longest tag-read ranges. We are happy to support installations featuring the STAR 3000 and can provide expert guidance to transition to STARflex readers for future expansion. 

When you work with the Acceliot team, you are collaborating with some of the foremost wireless and RFID experts in the industry. We can work with you to accommodate your existing infrastructure and in most cases, you will find that the Acceliot TurboAntenna sets the standard for cost-effective performance for tag-dense RTLS applications. However, not every coverage zone will have ultra-dense tag read requirements and our STARflex architecture works optimally with a wide variety of antennas from leading vendors. Please send us your requirements.  

Yes. We have expertise that spans a variety of demanding industry applications for RFID and a history of success in building applications and integrating RFID data with enterprise IT systems to deliver real business value. Please send us your requirements or request a meeting.

We have designed our STARflex platform with integration features that deliver fast time-to-value (FTTV). While every project is unique, our customers typically find that full integration can be accomplished in a matter of days. Let’s host a meeting to discuss your requirements and schedule a software demo.

Yes. The Acceliot team has decades of RFID experience across some of the most demanding industry sectors. We work with the leading tag manufacturers and our team can discuss your requirements with the wisdom gained from decades of asset tracking and management success. From standard UHF Gen 2 tags to the most application-specific labels, cards, badges, embedded solutions, laundry tags, windshield stickers, ruggedized tags, dry inlays, wet inlays, vehicle tags, printable solutions, metal-mount tags and military-grade products. We operate at the leading edge, and so do our tag partners.

Yes. Acceliot has a world of experience with mobile solutions and is an authorized reseller for many of the leading handheld readers available today. We can also offer software development expertise for your mobile applications.

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