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Norway City’s Waste Management Leverages Cameras, RFID

by Claire Swedberg, November 29, 2023

RFID Journal

The hybrid solution automates data capture about which wastebins are emptied as well as how many “green” recyclable bags at each household.

Norway’s Halden Municipality is gaining an extensive view into its waste collection with a hybrid radio-frequency identification (RFID) and camera-based system that identifies waste being picked up at each customer site, and whether that waste is trash or recycling.

The RFID solution rollout began as a university student project in 2016, and has evolved since, with camera-based technology being added most recently to provide more granular data about what bin is emptied at each customer site, when and where.

The solution from technology company RFID-Solutions has saved the city money that was previously spent paying the third-party waste management provider for extra waste pickups, which in some cases, didn’t actually happen. The system enables better customer service, says RFID-Solutions’ CIO Geir Vevle, since city personnel can view each household’s pickup details in real time, and thereby provide customers with accurate information.

Government Accountability

By leveraging both RFID and camera-based data, the city can identify each pickup and confirm that each household is separating the trash into correct categories—regular waste, food waste and paper. The camera enables the system to track how many green bags (which contain food waste) are being collected from each household, thereby understanding whether inhabitants are sorting their bio-waste.

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