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STAR 3000 RFID Reader

The STAR 3000 RFID reader is the heart of scalable, cost-effective, wide-area tracking solutions for assets and inventory. Combining deep space communications technology and low-cost, maintenance-free, passive RFID tags, the STAR 3000 provides real-time visibility in warehouses, retail stores, factories, outpatient clinics, sporting events and more. The STAR wide-area RFID architecture delivers on the original promise of passive RFID: invisible, automatic monitoring that provides real-time, actionable visibility into the presence and location of assets and inventory that tracking methods based on manual, barcode, and handheld RFID cannot.

STAR 3000

Scalable Coverage

The STAR RFID reader with distributed excitation and deep space communications technology enables an innovative architecture and a whole new type of physical layout that scales from modest to massive facilities cost effectively.

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